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Rossa Spices offers the largest selection of All-Natural, organic and 100% purest salt in the world.

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A Why Himalayan Salt for Food Processing

Salt has been used as an ingredient for centuries to season foods. Our all-natural sea salts enhance flavor and, because they’re unrefined, it’s sometimes possible to reduce the overall salt content in a product without sacrificing taste or texture. SaltWorks produces a full range of ingredient salts ideal for any application, expertly crafted to meet our large volume customers’ manufacturing & processing requirements. From ever popular Himalayan Pink Salt to our comprehensive salt selection offers a variety of options to easily incorporate into any food manufacturing or processing application. Rossa Spices offers an expansive range of exceptional and exciting salts for topping products in ideal grain sizes to offer that distinct crunchy texture and pop of salty flavor with better adherence.

  • All-Natural & Unrefined
  • Clean Label
  • Kosher Certified
  • Dust-Free
  • Elevated Flavored
  • No Artificial Colorants, Chemicals or Flavorings
  • Non-GMO, Allergen & Gluten Free
  • Organic Compliant
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Unrivaled Global Supply Capacity

Ample Inventory & Large-Scale Production Capabilities: Our state-of-the-art salt facility holds more than six million pounds of premium-grade salts ready for immediate delivery anywhere in the world. Our supply capacity is nearly limitless. Whether you need salt by the pound, pallet, truckload, or even ocean containers, both our domestic and international Shipping Options are convenient and cost effective. We are the largest and most trusted source for high quality sea salts in the world, supplying over 20 million pounds of salt per year to customers spanning the globe.

Food Safety: Rossa Spices exclusive quality assurance methods utilize revolutionary techniques that have changed the face of the ingredient salt industry. With our proprietary systematic screening process—which employs sophisticated sieving, rare earth magnets, metal detection, and our own exclusive Optically Clean® technology—no grain of salt goes unexamined, ensuring product consistency, order to order.

Clean-Label Conscious: With our expansive variety and availability, Rossa Spices makes it easy for you to source exceptional Ingredient Salts and show consumers you’re invested in manufacturing and processing healthier food products.

Rossa Spices salts are all-natural without chemical refining or additives, leaving the unique colors and rich mineral content intact. Sea salt is perceived as healthier in the marketplace, and with consumers preferring fewer ingredients on nutritional labels, having the best ingredients available is of the utmost importance. Also Kosher certified.

Extensive Grain Size Selection: In order to cater to a wide range of manufacturing and processing needs, Rossa Spices utilizes meticulous sieving techniques to produce all-natural sea salts in a broad assortment of precise grain sizes. This enables our customers to pinpoint the ideal granulation for their ingredient application. With the largest selection of industry-standard grain sizes—including our own unique Snack Grain size specially formulated for snack food manufacturers for better adherence—Rossa Spices is the only salt supplier you will need.

Confidentiality: We work with leading food processors, product manufacturers and food service companies. We value and respect the confidentiality of our customers and their product formulations.